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Using Our Car Payment Calculator is Easy

When you’re searching for the perfect vehicle for your New Jersey adventures, it’s important to consider the price you plan to pay for the vehicle. While there are many different factors that can affect a vehicle’s price, you can rest assured that all the vehicles in our new and pre-owned inventory are being offered at a fantastic price. However, to ensure that you’re exploring a vehicle that fits your Pompton Plains lifestyle and budget, you’ll want to use our monthly car payment calculator.

Our car payment payoff calculator is designed to provide you with an estimate of how much your monthly payment could be depending on the interest rate, trade-in offer you receive, and more. While our car payment calculator isn’t exact, it should give you a good idea of what your monthly payment could look like. Learn how to use the monthly car payment calculator with the team at Performance Auto Group today!

How to Use Our Car Payment Calculator

  • Using the form above, you’ll start by entering the price of the vehicle you wish to purchase.
  • Next, is the interest rate. This number will vary based on your credit history. Thankfully, the finance experts at Performance Auto Group will help you get behind the wheel of a new ride no matter how your credit history looks.
  • Loan Term is the next field and represents the number of months you will be making payments on your auto loan. The longer your loan term, the less you’ll pay each month, but the flip side is that you’ll pay more in interest. On the contrary, you’ll pay more each month but pay less interest overall with a shorter loan term.
  • Down Payment. This is an important factor in what you’ll be paying each month. A larger down payment means lower monthly payments since it reduces your overall loan amount.
  • Trade-in Value. If you’ve got a vehicle you’d like to trade in, be sure to use our trade-in valuation tool to calculate the value of your vehicle and enter it here.
  • Once you click the “calculate payments” button, you’ll get an estimated monthly payment amount. It’s that simple!

Find the Perfect Vehicle for Your Budget at Performance Auto Group

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