End of Car Lease Options

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When you’ve reached your lease end in Pompton Plains, what do you do? At Performance Auto Group, there are a wide range of end of car lease options to explore – and our team is always happy to help! Whether you need help preparing your car for a return in Randolph or you’re interested in buying your lease, read our lease end guide below to get started.

Lease End Checklist: Returning Your Car

Let’s say you’re ready to turn in your keys at the lease end. What steps do you need to take before you arrive at the dealership? Here is a brief overview to help streamline the process:

  • 6 months before your last payment: If you want to swap your lease for a new model, this is a great time to start looking at options. Feel free to contact us for recommendations or to set up a test drive, and browse our new inventory at your leisure.
  • 3 months before your last payment: Get in touch with us at Performance Auto Group to double check what you’ll need to prepare for your return. Our team will give you an overview of the return process and go over the terms of your specific lease contract.
  • 2 months before your last payment: Schedule your free vehicle inspection. Our service team will look over your vehicle to assess the mileage, as well as any wear nad tear or damage. 
  • One week before your last payment: We recommend scheduling your lease end return. This helps us gather all the paperwork ahead of time, so you can get in and get out quickly.
  • The day of your appointment: Make sure that you have all of your necessary items: all keys, owner’s manual, maintenance records, Vehicle Return Receipt, Vehicle Inspection Report, receipts for any completed repairs. Then drive up to Wayne for your appointment!

If you have completed all of your payments, you’re good to go! Otherwise, you’ll still need to pay off any outstanding payments with our finance center.

Lease End Checklist: Buying Your Car

What if you’re not ready to let go of your vehicle? You can also switch from a lease plan to a financing plan in a few easy steps. Just let us know that you intend to buy your vehicle instead of returning it to us, and we can guide you through the buying process.

  • Get a Quote: Get in touch with our finance experts to get a payoff quote. Our team will crunch the numbers and let you know how much you’ll need to pay to gain full ownership of the vehicle.
  • Make it Official: If you’ve decided to buy your car, call our team to let them know that you want to officially switch from a lease to a financing plan. You’ll receive new paperwork to sign, including a signed and dated Odometer Disclosure Statement and Title Release Information form.
  • Register Your Car: Make sure that you re-register your car with the DMV once it’s paid in full. Then you’ll pay off any state fees or taxes necessary, and the car is yours!

Learn More with Performance Auto Group

Want to know more about ending a car lease early? Want to learn more about buying out your lease? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Contact us online at your convenience or just drop by our dealership. We’re located in Wayne, near neighboring Whippany, and we’re always happy to help.


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